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Aostirmotor A350 350W 20" Urban Electric Bike

Aostirmotor A350 350W 20" Urban Electric Bike

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The A350 is a well-rounded, convenient commuter e-bike. If you need a city e-bike that's both light and comfortable, the A350 is perfect. The streamlined frame design and green body color give a very clean, stylish feel. The shock absorbing fork and firm and seat will reduce the bumps in your ride and keep you comfortable all the way.

Great performance: The continuous 350W motor lets you wind through city blocks like a breeze, and you can enjoy it on an energetic outing. The whole model is small in size, very convenient, and an extremely easy-to-handle city e-bike. The 36V 10Ah lithium battery only takes 4-6 hours to charge, meeting your needs for fast commuting. We have three modes: cycling, pedal assist, pure power mode, you can ride 25-35 kilometers in pure power mode.


350W Watt brushless gear motor.
In the fully charged and pure power mode, the riding distance is 25-35km



You can set the wheel diameter, speed, backlight, mileage unit, riding mode, PAS gear.LED screen displays battery power, speed, mileage, gear, wattage.



110-220V (It takes 4-6 Hours to fully charge the battery, Recharge regularly to extend the life of battery)


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